America – Laws of War and Contentment (and the Inside Hidden Force)


In today’s world, the sword has one point, only, and no sharp sides, the symbol is of course force, or power, or money, it is all in one. There also is a hidden force inside that tip, this point I’m talking about, divides and smashes to smithereens and kills, there is of course a mystery force beyond this, which does not go into the maze of man, inside the maze religion is destroyed, and there are different images of god, or gods, a movement you could say, this force remains outside it, but I wish only to talk about the inside force Licensed Money Lender.

We have all been in fear, at one time of the unknown, I learned it in school, counseling school many years ago, this is the object we were to look for to stabilize the person we are counseling, find his or her cultivable area and bring it back to health. But the maze, which most of us are in doses not really have this kind of person, they, the lenders do want him around, yes, these so called moneylenders, who betray all to get all. And do nothing for it. How is this you say? I shall answer my own question in a minute. Another question: why are we in one war after another? There are reasons I do believe for this trend. In a way of thinking, you create a problem, solve it, and you look like the hero. In a similar manner, like banks, and as I said moneylenders in all shapes (not just banks), take in interest on all the money people put in it, this money of course is created out of nothing for them, the interest that is, and when it gets a lot of it, it can take back what the borrower cannot pay back, which they got out of interest for nothing. So they end up with money and assets such as cars and houses, and so for and so on.

In America this is simply called capitalism at work, or is it? You can, as they have, create a slump in a certain area of the market, as they did in the 1980s with gold and silver, it went up to $800 an ounce, I remember, I was in Ozark, Alabama at the time, the late 70s, and early, 80s, then all of a sudden gold went down (down, up, down), someone made money, and a lot of it. So we blindly follow the fog, where the moneylenders lead us in the maze, without looking, asking questions, but this is America, and we have liberties, right. And let us not forget the philosophic definition of American liberty, do as you please not necessary what is right, as long as you do not harmed anyone.

So we have liberty at work, but how does this all come about. I thought about this a lot today, and in the past, put it to words this evening, and here is what I came up with, War! Yes, war. It is really so simple. I can’t give you a lot of proofs, it would take 100-pages of thought, and investigation, but here is my idea in a nutshell, and perhaps old to many readers: drive the nation into debt, if you don’t who will lend money, money is the bowling ball, trade and industry is the bowling alley, this is called sabotage of course, but provoke a war to impose monopolies, in their interests, so they can extract the interest, the profits resulting from change, change is very valuable in the market today. In the past few days, we have seen this in action, and perhaps it has provoked me to speak out. The market in China went upside down, and hit Europe badly, someone, somewhere got a big hung of money out of it. And will again, after they buy, cheap, and sell later on, high.

Today if it cost a dollar for a war part, tomorrow the demand will rise, with the war, and it will cost $2.00, but you can borrow the money if need be, the lenders will give it, the supplier will borrow the money to make the supplies, and charge a higher fee for the demand; we got everything in motion now.

So let’s have a war (I guess we got one going, don’t we), and change some values, and then you ask, what happened to the cheerful dispositions of our youth, our nation, the utopia of the modern world, America. Fifty years ago, our schools were teaching different things, the laws were different; anyone my age can tell you that. We actually thought before we spoke. We could define our economic state of being. The reason a government needs to impose more taxes is usually because its expenses exceeds their forecast, or newly discovered needs, or it needs to produce more currency to keep up with whatever, a criminal act perhaps, if was to make the money that is. Thus we have origins of a war, created out of nothing, but a game to make more money, and war’s succession.

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