How GPS Fleet Tracking Can Improve Safety and Reduce Liability for Your Business


Companies which rely on car or truck fleets have exceptional costs associated with conducting business. Mobile belongings need significant capital investment. In addition, maintenance and gas costs may occupy a substantial portion of an organization’s revenue margin.

But, you will find other hidden fees that lots of fleet supervisors overlook at the duration of doing business. Lack of proper security precautions for vehicle fleets can incur major out of pocket costs, enhance accountability and place lives in peril Omnitracs.

Many businesses discover that installing GPS car monitoring in their fleet cars provides you sure way to increase security. GPS monitoring provides a large number of functions and benefits that businesses with vehicle fleets can use to significantly boost their protection records and guard their business from undue expenses.

The Focus on Safety

By increasing the protection of vehicles and drivers, companies can significantly reduce payouts such as offenses and accidents. Lots of small business people usually do not realise the authentic price of an injury would be just 2 to 10 times greater compared to the immediate price of their accident.

The total cost of car mishaps include Many Different variables such as:
Lost time by workers at the scene of their Injury
Lost earnings because gear is not producing income
Failure to fulfill orders or fulfill deadlines
Lost time by devoting missed tasks
Lost time mishap investigations and reports from management
Possible raised Insurance Fees
Public relations harm

You might also come face to face with all the expenses of replacing a wounded driver. Costs include advertisements the position, time invested from the application

, driver performance evaluations, drug screening, background checks, orientation, instruction plus much more.

Furthermore, you will temporarily drop productivity because a driver won’t be as efficient and fast as a veteran motorist. And even seasoned drivers who do return to work after an crash injury will most likely be in completely immediately.

Injured drivers may also contribute to raised workers compensation claims and law suits. Losing claims can result in considerable settlement outlays, along with attorney costs and time spent protecting the organization.

Increasing safety also limits your liability claims by people at large. Improper safety can obligate your business to pay compensation for people injured in an collision and property obligations. Settlement prices for hospitalisation, suffering and pain and different harms may very quickly spiral out of control and mess up your organization.

By focusing on security, your company can lower insurance expenses. An outstanding safety record may lower your risk to insurance policies firms which may lead to lower premiums. Additionally, several insurance providers offer rate discounts for extra security products such as GPS monitoring devices.

A poor safety record could function as a red flag for customers. Improper safety may cause interrupted service to customers and prompt them to hunt for other sellers. If your company offers a amazing safety report it makes it possible for you to keep customer contracts and improve renewals.

Government Regulations

Federal government has long been a proponent of protection. Inside the UK, the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations set out maintenance and safety requirements for vehicles. And in Ireland, perform automobile security is insured under the Safety, Health and Welfare Work Act 2005.

By law, each and every company must make sure that work equipment is maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair.

Unfortunately, accidents are simply an eventuality if you own a vehicle fleet. However, you may lessen your exposure to accidents and violation by utilising proven security precautions.

GPS vehicle tracking can be actually a known, costeffective solution for businesses that have motor vehicle fleets to improve safety in the 3 locations which cost companies typically the most: driver behaviour, car maintenance and strength protection.

Improving Driver Behaviour and Reducing Speed

As stated by the Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS), 87.2 percentage of atfault large truck crashes are driver related.

In spite of the most competitive driving policy, you can’t be out to the roadway with of your drivers ensuring good safety compliance. GPS vehicle tracking was found tremendously beneficial in offering business people the capacity to monitor and increase motorist behaviour.

This really is one factor in almost 23 percentage of atfault large truck crashes in line with the LTCCS. By making certain that your drivers comply with the posted speed constraints, you may somewhat decrease the possibility of one’s vehicles included in a critical crash.

Many GPS monitoring providers monitor auto rate and extend extensive alerting capabilities that inform you instantly when a driver has surpassed a rate brink. These alerts can appear quickly onscreen, be transmitted via email or mobile phone, or could be retrieved in reports.

Speed alerts enable one to immediately take corrective actions in the offending motorist. Additionally, you are able to access a database of speeding offenses for motorists to Locate those that

Always break speeding coverage. This allows you to have more long-lasting corrective activities to violate long-term terrible driving habits.

Speeding has been a Big concern for Ian Stirling, proprietor of Ian Stirling Haulage. Based in Renfew, Ian Stirling Haulage has supplied haulage services for its own clients throughout Scotland for over two decades.

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