Do You Know the Difference Between Advertising and Marketing?


Word of mouth marketing is a billion dollar industry. It’s also the fastest growing factor in both advertising and marketing. Many business owners do not know the difference between advertising and marketing often mixing up and confusing the two.

Advertising and marketing are individually very important and very different. If you want your business to have any chance of succeeding it is imperative you thoroughly understand and know how to distinguish them.

The dictionary terms for advertising and marketing will not be described. Even looking up the technical definitions may still leave you confused. Advertising and marketing will be described according to your business and product or service you provide madera california.

Advertising is the means of publicizing yourself through different media. The main purpose of advertising is for branding – namely product or name recognition. There is little psychology or concept behind it. The demand for Advertising is high and so too is the price. We are now bombarded with so much of it we basically ignore it. Because of its high exposure level, advertising is becoming increasing inefficient.

Once upon a time you could build a business on advertising alone. Today this is virtually impossible. Most small businesses do not have the big money needed to advertise long enough to start getting results. Marketing on the other hand goes much deeper. It’s the psychology of the entire sales process. Advertising is simply one of the steps or stages in the marketing process.

Marketing is the concept and strategy behind creating your campaign. It involves how you position your business to encourage your consumers to come to you – without having to “sell” to them. One of the most effective ways to do this is through education. I advise you to use your marketing materials to provide them lots of content to educate your consumers about your service and what it can do to improve their life. Nobody wants to be sold. Yet people are happy to buy if you give them a list of reasons why. Let your consumers come to their own conclusions instead of commanding or bullying them into coming to you.

Education is a powerful driver in ensuring clients come to you and letting others know about you too. Providing content for your consumers to make up their own mind about your business is an important factor in word of mouth marketing. And it takes little effort on your part if you take the time to put some thought into your marketing campaign.

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