Facebook for Salons – How the Hair and Beauty Industry Is Talking to Clients


Facebook has revolutionised how a lot of men and women talk to family and friends on an everyday basis, and also for several salon owners it may also alter their marketing and advertising tactics.

I’ve been conducting Facebook pages and internet marketing and advertising efforts for Hair & Beauty Salons for any number years, and also their cheap, immediacy and simplicity of usage today makes them my 1 st option for several salon advertising.

The 1 st measure for almost any salon owner is putting up a Page on Facebook for the business – however be warned, that isn’t precisely the same as Personal Page and Facebook may possibly prohibit you in the event that you take advantage of a own page to get business promotion.

Also make certain you don’t permit a member of team to automatically ruby’s hair & beauty salon generate the Salon page and join it for their private profile on Facebook. Should they leave, you won’t have the ability to create in your own page!

Measure two is building your own “fanbase” by requesting friends relatives and buddies to “just like” your page as soon as you reach 25 enjoys you are able to change the very long domain endorsed by Facebook to a briefer variant to signify your salon’s name. Y

Ou will have to actively promote your page in-salon with fresh business cards or wordofmouth – however you wish to be in a position to speak with every salon client around Facebook inside annually!

You want to place some thing each week, and daily, thus produce a fantastic mixture of product information, gossip, brand new product intros, team salon and news supplies for the Fans.

Exclusive supplies for the Facebook fans can be actually a excellent means to ensure customers take note of one’s articles and look forward into this next “bargain” – thus be creative on your posting salon supplies. A good example may be described as a “keyword” that they use in reception to find yourself a reduction for 7 days letting you track the accomplishment of their promotion.

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