Most Yelp Reviews Written Onsite Via iPhone – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Perhaps you have heard about irate clients instantly reviewing a company on (through their cell phone program) at the heat of the moment?

Sounds a bit scary for the company operator, but I feel an opportunity here to turn this around once and for all.

Imagine if you should develop into a regional cell tech evangelist, and present Yelp for your iPhone-carrying clients? Do you believe that they would love it? You bet they would. I really like when someone shows me a fresh free program for my mobile phone.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can not conceal from Yelp and its occasional negative testimonials. So face your fears (in case you’ve got some) head-on by opening up a dialog something like that…

YOU: I find you’ve got an iPhone. How can you enjoy it?

CUSTOMER: It is Good.

YOU: Have you noticed the Yelp program?

CUSTOMER: No, what exactly does it do?

YOU: It can help you locate great regional companies by listing them together with testimonials from other clients.

CUSTOMER: This sounds cool.

YOU: If you’ve got a moment, I will show you very fast how it functions yelp data scraper.

CUSTOMER: Due. That’s so good of you.

YOU: Let us look up my enterprise. See, it provides a lot of info like hours, location, etc.. Plus, find out the testimonials? In the event that you weren’t acquainted with us, this could be useful right?

CUSTOMER: Certainly!

YOU: If you click here, you are able to write a fast overview of your own.

CUSTOMER: Great idea!

See how simple that was? Certainly, You can not do this with everybody, but in the event that you just found two or three iPhone-toting happy clients a week with a couple of added moments to spare, your amount of favorable Yelp testimonials will skyrocket.

And you know what that means… MORE NEW CUSTOMERS!

Bear in mind, you can not request a favorable review, but should you offer to reveal just happy agreeable customers this invaluable “life management instrument”, chances are will likely be useful.

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