The Vertical Project Review – Comprehensive Review of the Controversial Vertical Jump Program


best vertical jump program – The Vertical Project is a vertical jump program made by Luke Lowrey.

Here’s a short overview of everything you receive with the application, followed by an extensive review.

Everything You Get In The Program:

The Vertical Project eBook.
Exercise Charts.
Special Report: “Instant Vertical”.
Unlimited lifetime updates.
Exercise Databank(TM)
Total Uncompromised Performance Number (UPN(TM)) graphs)
The Truth(TM) – Optimal Health For You (ebook)
Program Review:
The Vertical Project is a really popular vertical jump program that promises to “Double Your Vertical Leap”.

It’s a 15 week program consisting of 3 modules: Training, Recovery, and Getting Started.

Module 1: Training

This module shows you all of the drills and exercises which the app offers, such as videos and diagrams.
You will learn a broad variety exercises such as plyometrics, isometrics, and water coaching.
Additionally, it shows you how you can compute your own Uncompromised Performance Number (UPN(TM)).
This permits you to determine the precise sets, repetitions, and weights that you want to use for every exercise.
Module 2: Recovery

This module deals with post-workout relaxation and recovery.
You’ll also learn a great deal about nutrition and diet plan.
Module 3: Getting Started

This module essentially takes everything you learnt in the last modules and makes a program tailored especially for you.
The program is divided in to three 5-week training periods so as to prevent plateaus.
A massive assortment of exercises.
Plenty of fantastic details on training, recovery and rest.
Hefty cost – it costs A LOT more than other apps.
The Adenotrex nutritional supplement which is included with the app hasn’t been clinically proven to operate nor has it been approved by the FDA.
We don’t suggest that you purchase the Adenotrex supplement given.
Some exercises require more gear which you might not possess e.g. access into your swimming pool.
The Vertical Project is really a fantastic program, and it’ll operate to maximize your vertical leap.

However I have two Chief issues with this program:

The hefty price tag and
The Adenotrex nutritional supplement they urge.
In case you’ve got enough money, then the Vertical Project might be well worth checking out.

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